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5 Spiritual Practices for the New Year

When you think about the New Year, you generally think about new beginnings and letting the momentum of the transition jettison you into a new reality. Since there is generally a collective belief that the change of the year, also signifies a chance for internal change, the New Year can definitely be a great jumpstart to setting into motion your conscious creations.

Unfortunately, many people quickly fall back into old habits. Without a truly sustainable practice that moves you beyond the New Year and keeps you going year-round,

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Law of Attraction Weekly Thought 14

Trying to monitor your thoughts is an overwhelming task. Especially when you consider on average, the untrained mind has thousands of thoughts/day. That doesn’t even account for the subconscious thoughts! Ahhhh….

It is much easier and a better use of time to monitor how you feel. Get grounded in your body and learn how to monitor the shifts in your physical as well as emotional states. These will be an indication as to your alignment with your Spiritual Guides and your conscious creations (including your health). When you

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Law of Attraction Weekly Thought 13

"Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life, is the foundation for all abundance."

Today I was reminded of the significance of this quote. All too often, people tend to look at what they want to accomplish in life to the point of feeling an intense longing. There is a tendency to forget to acknowledge how far they have come in life. This includes the spiritual, emotional and/or physical aspects of their journey.

When is the the last time you really took a look at your

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5 Common Law of Attraction Mistakes

Are you like most people, who hear about the law of attraction and get astounded by what you can create? Have you watched the Secret movie, and now are ready to start manifesting everything you have ever wanted in life? Well, hold on a minute. While there maybe an abundance of enthusiasm bubbling up inside of you, let’s put a slight reign on it for now and learn some of the key mistakes people make when practicing the law of attraction.

Now why would we want to

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Tell a Different Story - Affirmations

Positive Vibrational Affirmations

The following is an excerpt from my latest book, Healing and the Law of Attraction

Our conscious as well as subconscious thoughts are always “telling a story.” This story relates to your views on yourself, your health and your life in general. The question is whether these stories support health or not. Do these stories help to raise your vibration or do they cause resistance? When you notice that you are not feeling good, then you become aware that either your conscious or subconscious mind

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Law of Attraction Weekly Thought 12

Constant worry is a sign of lack of trust in a situation - whatever that situation may be. When you are worried, you are holding yourself in a low vibratory state. This is the same as saying that you are resisting and not allowing whatever it is that you truly desire. What you desire it at a higher vibration, and in order to get there you must raise your vibration to that level. Being in a state of worry, will not get you to a higher state.


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Webinar Why is the Law of Attraction Not Working for Me

Are you having trouble consciously creating with the law of attraction? Are you aware of the common mistakes but still can't quite figure out how this relates to your manifestations? Do you need more guidance? 

Consciously creating with the law of attraction requires awareness, knowledge and work until it becomes literally ingrained in your essence and becomes second nature. Now you can make the work fun and easy or make it hard and a terrible experience. We are here to help you make it as fun and as

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Law of Attraction Weekly Thought 11

Sometimes your day doesn’t go exactly like you had planned but know that it is exactly what you have created. If you see that your day is beginning to unfold in ways you do not desire, do not resist. Remember what you resist, persists. Just take a moment, do a quick #meditation and then set about raising your vibration in whatever way feels comfortable to you. You can play some music, think of a funny joke, watch some cat videos on Youtube, etc….

Raising your vibration will help

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Law of Attraction Weekly Thought 10

Admitting to yourself what you truly want to do is sometimes hard, especially if it is something outside of the norm of what is expected in society or your family. Remember, you are the only person who can lead your life. Allow yourself the freedom to explore and live the life you truly desire. If nothing else, at the very least, admit it to yourself what you want.

Of course, we know that sometimes it takes time to build up the courage to believe that you can have

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Faith and the Law of Attraction

Faith is a key aspect in practicing the law of attraction. Unfortunately, the problem is that most people only have a broad understanding of what it truly means and how it relates to consciously manifesting with the law of attraction. Are faith and belief the same thing or are they just closely related? How does one develop faith? What role does the subconscious mind play in developing faith and belief?

When I wrote this webinar with the help of my spiritual guides, IAM, I was amazed at the

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Law of Attraction Weekly Thought 9

Many times there is a tendency to hold on to the hurt and pain we feel another has caused us. Unfortunately, holding on to this, only hurts you. The mental anguish, frustration or whatever emotions you are feeling are being experienced by you and you alone. For instance, the other person may know your anger is directed towards them but your anger cannot make them feel remorse or whatever you want them to feel, unless they allow it. You see, you are the only person who can control

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Law of Attraction Weekly Thought 8

Some say routines keep you restricted and make a boring life. Well I say a solid routine makes for success. This is of course, assuming your routine is healthy and pointed in a positive direction. If, on the other hand, your routine creates more chaos or negativity in your life, then it does not serve you.

Take the time and develop a positive and healthy routine. I promise, you will be happy you did. Remember also, that developing a routine takes times. The first step though, is setting

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Webinar Common Mistakes in using the Law of Attraction

Are you aware of some of the common mistakes in using the law of attraction? Are you making mistakes without being aware of them? Do you need help in correcting those mistakes? 

Most people start off really excited about the law of attraction but then get frustrated because they are going about it the wrong way. Unfortunately, you can't just "turn off" the law of attraction. It is working all the time. As a result, if you want to create a better life for yourself, it is essential

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Law of Attraction Weekly Thought 7

All too often, there is a tendency for people to be very serious about what they are doing. There is a need to do something and do it “perfectly”. They push, push, push and try so hard that it almost takes the spark out of life. This is definitely the case when they feel they don’t have much time and have to force it.

Unfortunately, the result of the pushing is a tendency to cause restriction and resistance. This is something I find a lot for beginner meditators

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Meditation Tips 1

Warming up before meditation can make the difference between a relaxing session and a session that just feels very uncomfortable.

Whenever I am coaching someone about meditation, warming up is one tip I like to give. Warming up is something that is often overlooked and undervalued. It is common to think that when you meditate, you just jump right into sitting down without doing any type of preparation. Well first, thinking that you have to sit down to meditate is one misconception to be addressed in another article.

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Law of Attraction Weekly Thought 6

The day has ended. Let the past be the past. Awaken tomorrow anew with new and determined goals. For you cannot move forward with a sense of guilt of what was.

Many times there is a tendency to hold onto the past. When you do this, you hold yourself in that vibrational pattern. Holding yourself in a vibrational pattern only benefits you if you feel good about it. However for most people, when they are thinking about the past, they are thinking about a negative past. This will

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Law of Attraction Weekly Thought 5

Have the courage to listen to your "guts".....instincts, inner guides, spiritual guides... It doesn't matter how many times you have done something, if in the moment it does not feel right, then consider other options.

When you rely solely on the logical mind, then you are not fully utilizing your creative abilities on this planet. You can be and have whatever you desire. The way to flow freely with this concept is to let go and trust in your instincts.

Do you find yourself ignoring your inner voice?

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Law of Attraction Weekly Thought 4

What many people fail to realize is that health is a practiced vibration, or in other words, staying or becoming healthy is something you have to “practice” all the time. Health is not something that you attain once and then can just treat your mind, body and spirit in whatever way you see fit and expect to stay healthy.

Yes, you may be doing what are commonly considered to be healthy practices in your society. However, in standard society there is not much focus on the “mind” or

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Matching Vibrational Universe

We live in a vibrational universe, where everything in it is made of energy vibrating at certain frequencies. This includes animals, plants, buildings, materials, dirt, humans, DNA, thoughts, emotions, cells, muscles, proteins, the body, etc. The concept of E=mc2 outlines this the best.

Not all of the various forms of energy vibrate at the same frequency. There are various frequencies for each and every thing. Some are similar and some are not.

According to the Law of Attraction, what is created in your reality is based on

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Law of Attraction Weekly Thought 3

A thought is only a thought. You don’t have to proclaim it or engage with it. You can just let it float away like a cloud in the sky. Try this instead of condemning yourself for having “bad thoughts”. The more you can “see the illusion” of the thought, the easier it becomes to stay in the present moment.

Healing and the Law of Attraction Book

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