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Qigong is an ancient Chinese health care system that integrates breathing exercises, gentle physical movement, and mental concentration to cleanse, strengthen and circulate qi or vital energy. 

We are all energetic beings (E=mc2) that vibrate at different energy levels. Healthier states vibrate at a higher frequency then non-healthy or “dis-ease” states.  Non-healthy states are a result of blockages in energy flow. Those blockages produce disharmony in the mental/emotional, physical and spiritual states.

Practicing qigong on a regular basis, helps to open energy blockages. When you open energy blockages, you awaken to the innate self-healing powers that lie within you.

In this meditation DVD, Shawngela demonstrates a 5-animal qigong meditation she developed with the help of her spiritual guides. The poses are easy to learn and are designed for any fitness level. The DVD includes instructions of each pose, along with a 30-minute guided meditation.

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