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You can heal. This is a creative universe and you are far more powerful then you can imagine. In this book, Shawngela Pierce and her Spiritual Guides outline a framework to help guide you on your path to healing; no matter what route that healing takes you. Whether that path is in conjunction with a doctor, healer or by yourself, is not important. Everyone has a unique path to healing. As such, this book is not written as a recipe book of techniques. However, some techniques are given as suggestions to help you in the beginning. This book is really designed to empower you in your role in healing and give you the tools you need to become whole again. One such tool is developing a relationship with your source. In this way, you follow your true path to healing.

Healing and the Law of Attraction delves into the following topics:

  • The Law of Attraction
  • How Disharmony is Created
  • Spirituality and Healing
  • Techniques to Raise your Vibrational Level to Health
  • Questions and Answers

Discussion Questions

There are discussion questions offered as a way to guide your healing journey. They will be included in your downloadalbe links after purchase. The discussion questions are optional but highly recommended.

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