Law of Attraction Healing

Awaken to your innate power to heal

Law of Attraction Weekly Thought 95

There are different levels of awareness and of allowing. As you move towards opening your mind to new possibilities in this creative world, you may find yourself - at times - saying the words “I hear you, but…..the law of attraction does not apply here, the law of attraction does not cover this, that is not possible, you have to be logical about it, etc.” 

Everything that is said or thought after the but, is an indication of your vibrational level of consciousness and your ability to allow

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Can Someone Else Heal You

According to the law of attraction, can someone else heal you? Listen in to IAM and Shawngela as they address this very question. The answer may surprise you.

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Thank you for joining me for another episode of Embrace your Spiritual Powers with IAM. In today's episode, we are going to talk about, Can someone heal you? 

Before we begin, let's talk about this week's special. Save 15% off our group coaching by entering the code spiritualpower2021 at checkout. Our group coaching is

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Spiritual Guidance for Self-Healing

If you think science knows all the answers, think again. Shift into a new paradigm and start relying on spiritual guidance for your health and healing. There is no more need for confusion when you strengthen this innate connection.  

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Welcome to Embrace your Spiritual Powers with IAM, I'm your host, Shawngela Pierce.  In today's episode, we are going to talk about spiritual guidance for healing.

Before we begin, let's talk about this week's special. Get a free 30 minute consultation

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Law of Attraction Weekly Thought 94

Are you being duped by your ego? 

I have been duped by my ego. I have fallen back into the “scientific” attitude of thinking I was being the “objective” observer.

I am beginning to realize how telling the story of the "objective" observer of other people’s behavior is an egoic state and does not serve me. One person could not possibly be objective towards the behavior of another. Regardless of what we may think, our views are always filtered by what we think we know about human behavior. 

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Heal with Forgiveness

Holding on to resentment or anger keeps you stuck in an unhealthy vibration. Your thoughts affect your vibrational level and thus affects your health. While It may seem like the act of forgiveness is not important at this point in your healing, trust us, it is key for most people. Learn to let go and really start your healing process.

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Welcome to episode five of Embrace your Spiritual Powers with IAm. I'm your host,Shawngela Pierce. Today we are going to

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Basic Law of Attraction Principles

In order to embrace your spiritual power, you must understand the laws of the universe. In this episode, IAM presents a basic concept of the law of attraction to help you become who you were meant to become. IAM also discusses one common law of attraction mistake that many have in manifesting health or whatever they desire.

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So far, we have talked about what it means to embrace your spiritual power. We have explained to you the necessity of allowing

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Law of Attraction Weekly Thought

As you become immersed into embracing your spiritual power - as a conscious creator - you will undoubtedly face tug of wars between what you know, what you say, and how you act.

On the one hand, you know certain aspects about the creative world because you have studied it immensely. However, on the other hand, there are still some deeply ingrained ways in which you act and speak with the outside world.

What do you do when you are in between two different paradigms? How do you

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Self-Love for Healing

In my latest podcast, we talked about self-love for natural healing. It is a very simple, yet profound concept.

Many times we think that we must consume things in order for our body to heal. We look at our body more as a machine than we do as an energetic physical essence.

If we start to shift our concept of who we are, then we can understand the power of our thoughts - the power that our thoughts have in creating or manifesting the physical ailments/misalignment/disharmony in our

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6 Natural Healing Tips

In my latest podcast episode, we talked about natural healing but not from the standpoint of what to consume. We talked about how to keep your energy flowing by understanding a simple concept.

If you have a tendency to put your focus on what you need to take and not on how it is released from your body, then this episode is important for you to hear.

At the end of the episode, I give 6 tips that you can use on your journey to manifest health.


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Law of Attraction Weekly Thought 92

I have completed my first podcast and I have to say, it was pretty exciting!

The first episode begins with IAM setting the foundation by defining what “Embracing your Spiritual Powers” means from a practical standpoint.


Below is a brief recap of what they spoke about! Listen to the full episode above.

Spiritual Powers Defined

Embracing your spiritual powers means understanding who you are. You are a spiritual being first and foremost, housed in a physical body and living in a creative world. As such, you have a

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Law of Attraction Weekly Thought 91

Is it wise to put your trust in the non-physical when it comes to your health? Why would a logically-minded person do that? Why would someone who is intelligent, knows about science/medicine hand it over to the "unknown?"

We are here are tell you that you can put your health in the hands of spirits - the non-physical, source, angels, or whatever you like to call it. You can do this because you were born with this connection to the non-physical.

You see, you are a spiritual being,

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Law of Attraction Weekly Thought 90

You cannot lie to the universe with your words, thoughts or feelings. Just because you say one thing does not make you aligned with receiving it.

Now why do we point this out? We do this because some people are under the impression that they can just switch their words once and then that makes things "all better." Well you cannot lie to the universe. Who you are vibrationally must match what you are stating for all to hear. If what you are saying is at a lower

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Law of Attraction Weekly Thought 89

There is no need to run because every day I get to see myself and what I have created. Everything in my reality is a reflection of what lies within me. If I take the time to really observe this phenomenon, I can start to see the patterns and appreciate the beauty in this creative world.

For instance, I know the people I have attracted into my life are a reflection of my vibrational level. If I attract people who have a negative attitude and poor health,

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Law of Attraction Weekly Thought 88

It is time to stop running from yourself. Yes, you. 

Now what do we mean by running from yourself? We mean ignoring the obvious energy that lies within you and continues to manifest in your life. Remember, you take you wherever you go.  

It is easy to blame others for what you perceive as the problems in your life. It is harder to take a look in the mirror to see the real creator of that reality. Yes, you. It is the rare one who happily

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Law of Attraction Weekly Thought 87

You are a spiritual being and your vessel or body is the "house" where your spirit resides. This makes your physical body very important because without it, you would not be able to be here in physical form. In fact, all “parts” of your being are important - the mind, body and spirit. They are all important because they are all interconnected. Your body is not a machine separated from your spirit or your mind. What one does affects the other.

For instance, your mind is very powerful

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Law of Attraction Weekly Thought 86

Things are not always what they seem in this creative world. We tend to think that what we see in front of us is actually the "truth." But what is the truth in a creative world? Is it not just what we have called forth? Are we not just living a vibrational match to our beliefs and nothing more?

If we can step back and take a look at life in that perspective, then "reality" takes on a whole new dimension. We step back from the ego that

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Law of Attraction Weekly Thought 85

As a conscious creator, you are aware that you create your reality, however, there is a tendency to get caught in the cycle of thinking you know how things are going to unfold at every step of the way. When things do not happen as you expect it to happen, there is a tendency to resist. Resistance comes in many forms - anger, disappointment, sadness, frustration, impatience, etc. When you are expressing these emotions, this means you are out of alignment, resisting the flow of what is happening,

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Law of Attraction Weekly Thought 84


My daughter has a mark on her head, called hemangioma. She has had it since her birth. I am trying to heal her completely from that condition. I have been trying to do it using the Law of Attraction for more than a year but I don’t see any progress. The mark is still there. Doesn’t matter how much I stay positive and grateful, I still don’t see anything change. Please help me.


First and foremost, we must point out that all healing is self-healing and

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Law of Attraction Weekly Thought 83


When you are in pain, how do you know if your soul is telling you to choose a different path?


When you are in pain, that is a sign that your thoughts are out of alignment. Now the key is deciphering whether the thought that is causing you to feel bad is based in trust or based in fear. When you have a thought that is based on trust, and you start to feel bad, then your inner guides are telling you that what you are

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Why meditation is important for law of attraction

Last year I did a webinar on why meditation is important for the law of attraction. The webinar breaks it down into first understanding meditation, then we discuss the scientific benefits. Of course, you know with the law of attraction, it goes beyond the scientific realm of belief. As a conscious creator, we know that we create our reality. This is something science as a whole has not been able to understand.

Please take a moment to watch our webinar to really get a good understanding. If you

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