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Spiritual Law of Attraction

Spiritual Law of Attraction
See what you can manifest with Gratitude! Rather than asserting the benefits of gratitude, experience it for yourself in this 21-day gratitude challenge. Get daily emails with quotes and instructions.  Enter your email address and start your transformation!

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This experience is life transforming.
Doing the 21-days was just so inspiring to me. Taking just a few moments out of the day to reflect on what really is important and what matters, in this sometimes crazy world we live in. It is a wonderful reminder. Reflections on what is true to your heart. I believe this would be so beneficial for everyone.
I would like to thank you for the 21-day Challenge. I have to say my perception has changed about a lot of things and some people too. When you write down your gratitude, a kind of a peace comes over you and even moreso when it's a person. You start to see all of the good in people and appreciate them for what and who they are. I recommend it!
I am feeling happy and joyful after participating in the 21 days of Gratitude. Shawngela I learned a lot about the power of gratitude. I feel relaxed and cool. No tensions - even though I am going through a tough time right now. But I am confident and positive now. Thanks a lot for your guidance.
Just want to say thank you for sharing this. The challenge offers a great experience of reflection to oneself. Through the time on the challenge, I got a chance to unite with my inner self. I was able to forgive myself and am more positive and more calm. I am going to make this a habit and surely recommend others to take the challenge.
I am grateful for you! It was a great experience for me to feel gratitude towards family members, friends, colleagues and acquaintances. I feel very grateful and happy inside.
I feel light after each time I did the challenge.