5 Key Law of Attraction Mistakes and how to Fix Them

5 Common Law of Attraction Mistakes

Are you like most people, who hear about the law of attraction and get astounded by what you can create? Have you watched the Secret movie, and now are ready to start manifesting everything you have ever wanted in life? Well, hold on a minute. While there maybe an abundance of enthusiasm bubbling up inside of you, let’s put a slight reign on it for now and learn some of the key mistakes people make when practicing the law of attraction.

Now why would we want to start raining on your parade? Well, it is helpful to know some of the common pitfalls that people make when practicing the law of attraction so that you can avoid them. I speak from a perspective of someone who has been consciously creating for well over 12-years, so trust me when I say, these are important lessons of which to be aware. Sound fair? Well, let’s get started with 5 key law of attraction mistakes. If you would rather listen to one of our monthly webinars on this exact subject, scroll down to the bottom of this article.

Mistake #1

Trying to control the outcome

When you have lived a life from the perspective of feeling like you had no to limited control over your destiny, it is natural to want to try to control every aspect of it. Unfortunately, this is not how the law of attraction works. This may sound confusing because one fundamental teaching of the law of attraction is that you do control your destiny. Yes this is true, however, you do not control the specific details of how it will all play out.

If you are unsure if you fall into the category of trying to control the outcome, below are typical responses I get from clients who are trying to control the outcome:

  • This is not how I visualized this happening, this is all wrong
  • This doesn’t make any sense, I want this to happen first
  • This should be happening first before this next step happens
  • It has to happen step-by-step this way
  • This is how I want this outcome to occur

As you can see from the statements above, there is too much emphasis on trying to control the outcome but what you must understand is that this is a matching vibrational universe, and what you create in your life is based on that premise. To better explain this concept, we like to use a vibrational scale of 0 to 100. Vibrational levels above 50 are considered high and vibrational levels below 50 are considered low.

If you are consistently vibrating at a level of, let’s say 55, then you will attract into your life, situations, people, places, conditions that are also at that frequency. Of course, this is an over simplification of the process, however, it gives you a basis to understand how the matching vibrational universe works.

We all know, of course, that we do not stay at any one vibrational level throughout the day. We fluctuate based on circumstances, our subconscious thoughts, our conscious thoughts, etc. As a result, what you are experiencing in your life is a variation and/or combination of those frequencies.

Opportunity is knocking - are you listening?

Another problem with trying to control the outcome is that when opportunity knocks, there is a tendency for you to miss it because you are so caught up in how you think it should happen or how you want it to happen. For instance, if you are being guided to take a step in a certain direction in order to get the job you want, you may resist and not do it because you think it should happen another way.

Trying to control every aspect of the creative process will only cause you anxiety, stress, anger, frustration, etc. All of these emotions are all signs that you are out of alignment and are resisting that which you truly desire.

Note: While you cannot control the specific details, you do have control over your focus, your vibrational level, your thoughts and how you feel. In this sense, you do “control" what situations occur in your life when you are consciously aware of your alignment. Again, however, you do not control the specifics.

Remedy - Mistake #1

In order to learn to relax and allow the process to unfold, you must train yourself to think differently. Specifically, you should train your subconscious mind because your subconscious mind/thoughts are working all the time. When you train your subconscious mind, it becomes who you are and you won’t have to continually remind yourself to do it.

There are many ways to train your subconscious mind. Below we will list a few of our favorites:

  • Placing words or images on your vision board that remind you to allow, trust, let go, go with the flow, etc.
  • Adding words related to allowing, trusting and letting go to your daily affirmations. In my latest book, I talk about using affirmations that feel good to you so that you don’t jump too high up the vibrational scale and get frustrated with the results (see next mistake).
  • Ask your source for help in this area. Your source is your most intimate and reliable source of direction. If you need help, go within for guidance.

Mistake #2

Trying to reach too high of a goal in the beginning

Many people who learn about the law of attraction, immediately start to think about all the wonderful things that they would like to happen. For instance, winning the lottery, becoming a millionaire, owning a beautiful house, having great relationships and curing themselves of a dis-ease are top requests for most. This is wonderful that people are reaching for the stars, however, trying to manifest these results within a month or even a year of learning about the law of attraction is not very realistic, especially if you are at a very low vibrational level in relation to what you desire. For instance, if your current vibrational level as it relates to money is at a level of 30, then it is not a very realistic idea to think that you can quickly jump up the vibrational scale to, let’s say 80, in order to become a millionaire. Another example is being in a lower vibrational dis-eased state. It is not very realistic for most people to heal themselves instantly, ie jumping up the vibrational scale. For the majority of people, you will need to basically train yourself step-by-step into a higher and higher vibrational level.

Yes of course, miracles or what you call miracles do happen, however very few people can open up and allow a fast and dramatic vibrational jump up the vibrational scale. For instance, very few can jump from a low vibrational level of 20 to a high vibrational level of 80 in a very short time. For those who do manage to jump a high level, many times they have trouble maintaining that vibration because they have not gradually trained themselves into that higher vibrational state.

As a result, they do not have the tools in place or the knowledge to maintain it. For instance, most people who have won a large jackpot in the lottery have lost all of their money within a short period of winning. While they mustered up the energy to win it, they could not maintain it because of deep rooted lower vibrational thoughts. As a result, they began to practice old habits that eventually put them right back into the lower vibrational state. Another example of this would be people who heal fast but then within a short period of time, become sick again, either with the same dis-ease or with something else.

Remedy - Mistake #2

Work on a steady and consistent spiritual/healing routine where you are practicing techniques that will raise your vibration steadily. Below are a few of the methods that we teach:

Of course there are more ways to raise your vibration. We have just listed some of the ones we teach.

Mistake #3

Not paying attention to how you feel

How you feel is an indication as to whether or not you are in alignment with what you desire. It is a simple, yet very important step in the creative process. When you feel bad, your thoughts are out of alignment. When you feel good your thoughts are in alignment. Being in alignment, means that you are vibrating at a frequency that matches that which you truly desire.

Now we use the broad terms of feeling bad and feeling good as a way of simplifying the process of knowing whether or not you are in alignment. To give you more specifics, examples of feeling bad are frustration, anger, doubt, worry, fear, headache, upset stomach, muscle soreness, crankiness, depression, etc. Examples of feeling good are joy, laughter, feeling grateful, feeling hopeful, trust, flexible muscles, love, etc.

If you don’t understand when you are in our out of alignment on a moment to moment basis, then it can be difficult to pinpoint why you are not manifesting what you truly desire. For instance, many people gravitate towards visualizing as a mechanism to manifest what they desire. When they visualize they feel very good and uplifted. This is an indication that their thoughts are in alignment with what they desire. Unfortunately throughout the day, they do not pay attention to all the countless times that they are out of alignment. They spend a set amount of time asking for what they want, but the rest of the day, they spend resisting what they want. As a result, what they truly desire either never comes, it comes very slowly or it comes in a way that is of a lower vibrational level than the original request. For instance, consciously manifesting a $5,000 car instead of a $20,000 car.

Note: Feelings are an intimate form of spiritual guidance. They are a vibrational “message" from your source, letting you know whether you are in alignment or out of alignment.

Remedy - Mistake #3

Learning to be mindful of how you feel is a key step in mastering the law of attraction. This is easier to do when you have a regular meditation practice, however, it still requires work outside of meditation.

One simple technique that we recommend is to set a daily timer to monitor how you feel for at least 5 minutes. When the timer goes off, start paying attention to how you feel physically and emotionally. Once you get an idea, then pay attention to the thoughts in your head. If you felt bad, what were the thoughts in your head? Do the same for the thoughts that made you feel good.

Make sure to write this down in your spiritual journal, so that you can keep track of your thoughts and how they make you feel. In this way, you start to make the connection between the mind and the body. Keep in mind though, that most of the thoughts that are causing you to feel the way you do are subconscious in nature, so you may not directly know the thoughts in your mind, but you will more than likely have an idea.

Mistake #4

Focusing on the results not appearing

Putting your attention on something not happening as opposed to believing and trusting that it is happening is another common mistake in practicing the law of attraction. This is intimately related to not paying attention to how you feel because when your thoughts are oriented towards what is not happening, you feel bad. If you are in tune with your feelings then you can instantly make the shift to getting in to alignment.

It is very common to feel you have been putting good vibrations out into the universe for whatever you are trying to manifest and then get frustrated because what you are seeing in your current reality is not what you have been consciously creating. As we have talked about before, there is a delay in manifestations. The key to maintaining your momentum is to prevent yourself from focusing on what is not happening. Instead continue to focus on what you want to happen. Remember what you are doing now, will affect what you experience in the future.

Having a positive attitude and continuing to focus on what you want to happen, can be challenging, especially if your current situation seems unbearable. However, in order to shift into your new reality, this must be done. The longer you spend focusing on what you don’t like about your current situation, the more you continue to build momentum in this area of your life. This will create even more delay in getting what you truly want because you will have set into motion more of what you don’t want.

Remedy - Mistake #4

The remedy for this one is the same for mistake #3. The key to knowing whether or not you are focused on what is not happening is to pay attention to how you feel. This is pivotal since sometimes you might find yourself doing it without even realizing it. If you become more mindful, you can literally catch yourself in the act of doing it and remedy this issue.

Mistake #5

Trying too hard to make things happen

We are in an action oriented society and people are trained to just get out, work hard and do it. Unfortunately, what most people don’t understand is that alignment is more important than action. There is no sense in trying to roll a boulder up the hill. It requires way too much effort and strain. This strain and effort is analogous to being out of alignment. From our perspective, it is far easier to let the boulder roll down the hill naturally because this is analogous to being in alignment. This is the state that you want to be in as long as possible and as often as possible throughout the day.

I am sure you have experienced days or incidents when you were not aligned and nothing you did, said or tried to do worked out as you planned. More than likely things either fell apart, accidents happened, the timing was off or something “bad” happened. Eventually you would have become frustrated or angry.

All of these are typical signs of being out of alignment because you are acting without being in alignment, ie pushing the boulder uphill.

Remedy - Mistake #5

Get into a good feeling mode before you do something, such as speaking or working. In other words, act from a place of alignment.

If you are noticing that you are resisting (by how you feel), take the time to get back into alignment. It will serve you much better. Try laughing, being grateful, taking deep breaths, playing with animals, listening to uplifting music or anything that makes you shift your energy into feeling better. Once you are aligned, then take action. The more you can practice this habit of being in alignment first, the easier it gets. It will then start to become a part of who you are as a creative being here on this planet.

This example is another one related to paying attention to how you feel. Again, as you practice getting in tune with how you feel, you will be able to notice more quickly when you are out of alignment. When you do, take measures to get into alignment first before you act.

Also, train yourself to naturally focus on alignment. Put it in your list of affirmations that you tell yourself (telling a different story) and/or put the words on your vision board. Over time, you will have trained your subconscious mind into this natural state of being.

We hope we have been able to be of some assistance to you as you learn to become powerful conscious creators on this planet. You are far more powerful then you can imagine and we want you to know this and empower you with this knowledge. For more information on the subject, read my latest book, Healing and the Law of Attraction, for more details about the subject and how to apply it to heal whatever is holding you back from the health and life you desire.

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