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A Law of Attraction Question on Healing

Note: The following is an Excerpt from my book Healing and the Law of Attraction


What happens as I raise my vibration to heal?


From an energetic point of view, raising your vibration causes a release of old “energetic stuff’ or “baggage” that has been stored away or suppressed. This baggage can be emotional, physical or spiritual in nature. In actuality, it will mostly be a combination of some sort. This release of lower vibrational energy could trigger thoughts that make you feel bad. These bad feelings may trigger you to resort to old habits that keep you in a low vibrational state. As a result, the healing process will be slowed or even halted temporarily until you start raising your vibration again. An example of an old habit that could slow the process is emotional eating.

Physically your body will go through a purging process that will release toxins and cause physical, emotional and/or spiritual symptoms. Some of the most common signs of the healing process are getting flu-like symptoms, crying for no reason, bouts of depression, angry outbursts, extreme tiredness, hot flashes, diarrhea, day sweats, muscle aches, muscle pains, and headaches. Of course, any medical professional would tell you that these symptoms could be a result of something else occurring in the body. Seek medical advice for assistance as you are led to do so.

From an energetic perspective, there are systems of medicine that support the innate ability of the body to heal and systems of medicine that slow the process. What system of medicine you choose has always been your choice. What may help in your decision is to learn more about how the body naturally heals. A good place to start would be Dr. Henry Lindlarh’s book entitled Nature Cure. I read this book a long time ago and it was the first one that came to mind as I was writing this book.

As we have discussed before [In Healing & the Law of Attraction book], all healing is self healing, however, it is much easier to allow healing to occur within a system of medicine that supports the healing process. Just like it is easier to allow, when the specialist with whom you work, believes that you can heal.

Healing Crisis

If the release of the lower vibrational energies is slow and continuous, you will probably not notice it. The release will not trigger too many negative thoughts, or physical, emotional or spiritual symptoms. There may be periods where you start to feel really bad, but overall, you have the tools in place that you can deal with this. Having said this, the healing process can happen really fast and dramatically. When this happens, you can release things faster than you can cope. For instance, if you suffer from depression, experienced a serious trauma or have irrational fears, the process of raising your vibration will start to reveal to you things that had been suppressed. These suppressed “old baggages” can trigger too many thoughts as well as a multitude of physical, emotional or spiritual symptoms that you may not be able to handle. This could entice you to resort back to your old coping mechanisms which may or may not have been supportive to healing. It is during these times that it is advisable to seek out a specialist of your choice who will be able to help you deal with the crisis. In fact, it may be well worth your effort to have someone already in mind to help you.

Change in your Point of Attraction

As you raise your vibration, several things involving your external environment will change as well. For instance, things you used to like will no longer feel good to you since you are at an elevated level of consciousness. For instance, some of the music you used to listen to will no longer resonate with you anymore. It may feel like the words involve too much conflict. Since you are no longer resonating at that frequency, the music will not feel good to you. This is natural. It is a natural transition to an elevated vibrational level where you will be attracting people, situations and environments that are at your new level.

Below are a few other possible situations or combinations of situations that could occur in your life as a result of raising your vibration:

  • Relationships
    • relationships that were tumultuous are now more peaceful overall
    • you rarely or no longer interact with individuals of a significantly lower vibration
    • you attract different individuals into your life and develop relationships that are more to your liking
  • Food and Appetite
    • foods you used to gravitate towards that were unhealthy for you, no longer appeal to you
    • you decrease your habit of eating out of distress
    • you gravitate towards foods that are healthier for you
    • you lose weight because you are eating more consciously
    • now and/or have a different perspective about yourself
    • you are more mindful of urges to eat that are not related to hunger
Note: The above are examples of possible situations in two areas of your life; however, keep in mind that other areas of your life will also shift as your point of attraction changes.

My Thoughts

After reading about the healing process, are you slightly scared about starting or continuing your journey? Despite the list of what could happen, to me healing is not something to fear. To me, healing is the path to freedom. A path that can be challenging at times, but a path worth walking. Healing or raising your vibration allows you to come into alignment with your true spiritual self. Raising your vibration helps you to become whole again and live a life that you desire. Raising your vibration is a lifelong journey to healing and should be something that is taken on seriously. It is not a quick fix method. It is something that you use as a tool to help you find your way “home.” As you find your way home, you let go of “old baggage” that does not serve you and step into your true self.

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Written by : Shawngela Pierce

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