Law of Attraction Healing

Awaken to your innate power to heal

Women and Spirituality Conference

Come join me in Rochester, MN for the 38th Annual Women and Spirituality Conference. It will be a weekend of renewal, healing and growth. There will be vendors and numerous presentations, all designed to help you in your spiritual journey. My presentation, Spirituality and Nutrition, will be on Sunday the 22nd. This presentation is based on my upcoming book, titled Nutrition and the Law of Attraction. This book will shine a new light on how we view nutrition and is expected to be released in November 2019.

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HHH 2019 Speaker

Health, Healing & Happiness - A Holistic World Expo for Body, Mind & Spirit!

Join me June 01-02, 2019 in Las Vegas for the 8th annual Health, Healing & Happiness Expo. I will be a featured speaker at the Healthy Inspirations Program and would love to see you there!

At this amazing Holistic World Expo for Body, Mind & Spirit you can discover the latest in holistic health and nutrition, conscious living, science for humanity, and sustainability concepts with 100+ exhibitors and 50+ stage presentations, the new

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Webinar - What is Law of Attraction Healing?

What is Law of Attraction Healing? Is this some type of natural healing method? Does it mean that I have to do this on my own with self-healing?

These are just some of the questions we will address in this 30 minute webinar. Many people are familiar with the Law of Attraction but may not truly understand its implication as it relates to your health and healing process.

Join me for a live 30-minute webinar as we discuss Law of Attraction Healing and what it really means for

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Webinar Why is the Law of Attraction Not Working for Me

Are you having trouble consciously creating with the law of attraction? Are you aware of the common mistakes but still can't quite figure out how this relates to your manifestations? Do you need more guidance? 

Consciously creating with the law of attraction requires awareness, knowledge and work until it becomes literally ingrained in your essence and becomes second nature. Now you can make the work fun and easy or make it hard and a terrible experience. We are here to help you make it as fun and as

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Webinar Common Mistakes in using the Law of Attraction

Are you aware of some of the common mistakes in using the law of attraction? Are you making mistakes without being aware of them? Do you need help in correcting those mistakes? 

Most people start off really excited about the law of attraction but then get frustrated because they are going about it the wrong way. Unfortunately, you can't just "turn off" the law of attraction. It is working all the time. As a result, if you want to create a better life for yourself, it is essential

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Women and Spirituality Conference

Join me at the 36th Annual Women and Spiritual Conference where I will be conducting a workshop.  

Deepen Communication with your Inner Spirit through Meditation

Workshop Details

We live in a society where we are distracted by many things, including technology. We strive to build a better system of communication via technology, however, we have this capability internally as well. We have the capability of getting answers straight from the source and being intuitively guided from within. Despite this, many have lost the ability to discern inner spirit

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Shawngela Pierce

I have studied and consciously practiced the Law of Attraction for over 8 years now. When I “stumbled” upon it, I was fascinated at how well it aligned with my belief systems as a child. I just knew it was the answer I had searched for, for so many years. I immediately started making an effort to whole-heartedly embrace this philosophy and bring it into my life.

Now to be honest, becoming a conscious creator can be a bit challenging, however, the rewards are many. As a conscious

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30-Day Gratitude Challenge

Can gratitude help improve your relationship? Can gratitude help improve your mood? Can gratitude help improve your health? Let's find out! Let's start the journey by challenging ourselves to focus on gratitude for 30-days. During the first Google Hangout Broadcast, I will give you instructions on how to begin. In shortly over a month, we will have another Google Hangout Broadcast where we will discuss the benefits of gratitude, challenges you may have faced as well as how to continue in this journey. 


How to Start!


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Meditation Coach Google Helpouts


Shawngela PierceHello, my name is Shawngela Pierce and I work as a meditation and holistic lifestyle coach. I love what I do and have been teaching for over 15-years.


If you are new to meditation or have been meditating for awhile and have questions you need answered, I can help. I can help guide you to get you going and to help inspire you to keep going. Whether you need a full protocol to help you with anxiety or stress or whether your questions are related to

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Holistic Health & Wellness Expo Royal Oak MI

Join me at the 2014 Holistic Health & Wellness Expo in Royal Oak


The Expo will bring together vendors, practitioners, and instructors to showcase their services to community members interested in learning and participating in holistic health and wellness practices. The day will be composed of health and wellness exhibits, a number of short seminars and/or speakers, and introductory exercise demonstrations that all promote a healthy lifestyle. If you are interested in speaking or leading a class let us know and we will work to include you

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I had the pleasure of being a guest on HippyFitMom's show, The Skinny. On The Skinny Episode, we talked about health, meditation and holistic lifestyle skills. It was a wonderful conversation and a great way for me to introduce myself and express what I love to do, which is teach meditation. Check out the short video below for an uplifting and engaging conversation with Amber Turner of HippyFitMom.


Discussion Topics

0:50 - What I do.
1:42 - Explanation of mind/body connection.
2:00 - Finding your strength

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Shawngela Pierce


Shawngela Pierce, owner of Seek Within You, was a guest on the radio show Living with Hope with Host Trudy Thomas. She appeared on January 24, 2014 at 12pm EST. The radio interview was 45 minutes in duration and was filled with insights on topics such as the benefits of meditation, the importance of a regular meditation practice, meditation for stress relief, Sedona energy vortexes, the mind-body connection and how a beginner can get started. Shawngela also discussed her Meditation for Health Program, which she offers to help

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All-Inclusive Meditation Retreat

7-day/6-night Retreat in Sedona, AZ

September 7-13, 2014
"A life transforming event"

Meditation vortex

This meditation retreat is designed to re-energize, rejuvenate and to have a life transforming affect on your life. This meditation retreat is for you if you are someone who:

  • Wants to learn to relieve stress and anxiety with meditation and other holistic techniques
  • Wants to get meditation and lifestyle coaching
  • Wants to improve your physical health from a chronic disease
  • Wants continued support and guidance in their meditation practice
  • Wants to incorporate meditation
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Shawngela Pierce, owner of Seek Within You, will be a guest on Hollis Chapman Radio Show at 12pm EST on January 3, 2014. Shawngela will be discussing the Meditation for Health Program she teaches at her company, Seek Within You. The Meditation for Health Program is a step-by-step holistic lifestyle program with meditation used as the foundation. The program is designed to teach students how to heal from the emotional and physical effects of stress and anxiety. Student learn stress management and anxiety relief techniques. They learn

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How to handle holiday stress and depression guideAre you looking for tips and techniques for holiday stress and depression? Do you want to feel better during the holidays? Do the holidays make you feel more sad, depressed, stressed or anxious? If you answered yes to any of the previous questions, then download our Free 7-page guide. Mindfulness meditation and other holistic lifestyle changes are some of the techniques offered in a quick and easy to use format. The free guide, includes links to videos and other resources to help you feel more relaxed and

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New Meditation Forum

Are you a beginner at meditation and need some assistance? Do you seek advice on how to improve your meditation practice? If you need answers about meditation or about the meditation services offered at Seek Within You, then please visit our new meditation discussion forum.

Click on the link above or scroll down to the User Menu at the bottom of the page to find the link. Thanks and I look forward to being able to assist you with your questions.


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