Relationship Building Technique #1

Relationship Building Technique #1

Do you find yourself arguing or feeling resentful towards your mate, family members or co-workers? Are you at a loss on what to do? Well, you are not alone. Many people find relationships to be one of the most difficult challenges they face in life.

Relationships and Health

Now you may be asking yourself, why are relationships important for law of attraction healing? Why should someone whose major focus is healing, care about relationships? Well relationships affect our health as well. What I mean by that is that the stresses, joys, turmoil, arguments, etc. that occur in a relationship, affects your health. In law of attraction terms, your thoughts/emotions affect your vibrational level and your vibrational level determines your level of health. In addition, because your thoughts/emotions affect your vibrational level, they also affect what you attract into your life. Low vibrational thoughts/emotions from stress, anger, arguing, etc. will cause you to attract situations, people and places that are a vibrational match to this. This can cause even more stress/low vibrations if you are not able to raise your vibration consistently beyond it.

Unfortunately most people do not realize the importance that relationships have on their health. If they did, they would most likely not stay in unhealthy relationships. As I am sure you are aware, many people do and overtime because of the cumulative stresses they have endured, they become ill. It is only when the person becomes ill, that the other person or people in the relationship gather around in support of that person. It is when the physical manifestations of illness occurs that people become in tune with the importance of the other person and want to offer their support. Why wait until this happens? Why wait until a loved one is ill or you are ill before doing something to improve your health and relationships.

Relationships, all types of relationships, play a major role in most of our lives, so it is important to address them. This means not only a relationship with your mate, but relationships with family members, friends, co-workers, employers, employees, etc. Unless you live in solitude, you are experiencing relationships all the time.

Below is a simple technique you can use to start repairing any relationship in your life. Of course, optimally it would be wonderful if all involved in the relationship would participate. However, even if the other party does not want to participate, you can still do this activity solo.

Simple Technique

The simple technique involves giving gratitude to the other person or people in the relationship. It is as simple as that. Now hold on, I know you have heard me talk about gratitude before but this is a little different then the 21-day Gratitude challenge. This involves setting a dedicated time to do it. For instance, if this involves a family, create a regular “family time” every night. In this way, if you establish a regular family time, you work towards repairing the bonds of your family and improving your health.

As an example, let’s say you establish a family time around 8pm at night. Everyone would gather and each person would take turns giving gratitude to the other person. You can give gratitude for something the other person has done for you, done for another, something about their personality or anything that comes to mind. If there are 4 people in this family - mom, dad, daughter and son - then it would go something like this:

  • Mom gives gratitude to husband/dad, daughter and son for at least one thing. All you need is at least one thing. If you can think of more then that is wonderful too. “Son, I am grateful that you helped me clean today. Daughter, I am grateful that you are becoming more independent and were able to wash clothes on your own today. Husband, I am grateful that you are going to help me with this project so that I can have some time for myself. I am grateful that everyone in this family has committed to a regular family time to strengthen our relationship as a family.
  • Dad, son and daughter would each take turns doing the same thing.

This technique can be done with your mate as well as in business relationships. I know you may thinking that how in the world could you establish this regularly in business relationships. Well you would be surprised what you can do if you make an effort.

Business Example One

In one of the last places I worked, I did a 30-day gratitude challenge. I bought simple glass vases at the dollar store, in addition to some sheets of paper. I cut the paper into pieces and gave each department a jar and about 40 or more pieces of paper each. They were tasked with giving thanks to each person they worked with daily. No one could look at the responses until the 30-days were over. At the end of the 30-days, the departments took out the pieces of paper and read them out loud. Everyone really enjoyed this.

Business Example Two

This was one of my favorite business gratitude activities. It was a secret gratitude event at a company party. On a table at the party, each person had an empty small vase. The vase had the name of the person tied to it with decorative ribbons. In a separate large bowl, there were 5 strips of paper with each person’s name on it. The strips were folded so no one could see the names without opening it. During the gratitude event for the party, each person had to reach into the bowl and randomly grab 5 names. If they happened to get their own name, then they had to put it back into the bowl. The end goal was for each person to have the names of 5 people for which they were going to give gratitude. They just had to write one thing on the back of the strip of paper. Once they were finished, they placed the strip of paper into the small vases for that person. At the end of the party, each person took home the small vases with the gratitude notes from 5 secret people. I really, really loved this activity. Everyone was super excited and surprised. It was also awesome to read the gratitude remarks when you got home! What a way to end your day!

Note: While neither of the two examples given were done regularly, they can give you a starting point on what you could create in your place of business.

Not Having Full Participation

There are many ways to handle not having full participation - more ways than I can give examples. One thing to remember, however, is not to focus on what is not happening. This just puts more energy in that area.

Below are some examples of how you could handle not having full participation:

  • Mate or Family:
    • You pick a time for family time and make a point to go to each person and give them thanks. If they are not present, then send them a text, call or email them. It doesn’t matter if they are participating or not. You make the first move. Remember, you cannot control another person but you can control your vibrational state. Focus on what you can do for yourself. When or if the other person becomes ready, you will have set the new vibration of wanting to focus on gratitude.
  • Business:
    • Every day, go to at least one person and give gratitude to them. Eventually over time you may build a group of people who are willing to participate in your quest for healthier relationships through gratitude.

I really enjoy doing this activity with my family. It has helped me to open my heart and to focus on giving thanks to the important people in my life. Please do share with me how you have implemented this in your family and how it has changed your relationships. I do love to hear positive feedback!

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