Relationship Building Technique #2

Relationship Building Technique #2

Have you ever experienced being excited about something in your life - a dream, a new idea, exciting news - only to have that excitement literally squashed by someone else? You opened your heart to share the news and the other person, for whatever reason, either intentionally or unintentionally, said or did something that made you feel unsupported. As a result, this interaction created some type of emotional barrier between you and the other person. You either limit what you say to this person, don’t talk about your dreams or you develop some other type of way to deal with your hurt.

Now, of course, from a law of attraction perspective, this was a co-created experience. But without focusing on the details of why this happened - we can address that in another blog - let’s talk abut how you can rebuild or strengthen your relationship by practicing a technique we like to call “holding the vibration."

It is one of the most fascinating ways I have found to help those who want a better relationship with a mate, sibling, parent, friend, co-worker or any type of relationship. This exercise literally opens your heart and puts you in a higher state of vibration. It is also beneficial for the other person.

A raised vibration means you are allowing at a higher vibration. Now that is a win-win for all. The best part about all of this is that you can do this with or without the other person.

What is Holding the Vibration?

Holding the vibration means seeing the other person in their highest light. It doesn’t mean seeing them as they have currently created themselves to be, but seeing them at the highest vibration that they wish to attain. Basically seeing them through the eyes of true love or through the eyes of source.

Have you ever noticed how it feels when you notice the “negative” vibration of another person? If you pay attention, it will feel bad to you. It will feel bad to look at someone in a negative light. It will feel bad to hold them in a low vibration. It will feel good to you when you see them at a higher vibration.

Go ahead and think of someone in a less than optimal way and see how it feels to you. Remember feeling bad means your thoughts are out of alignment - which means you are resisting.

How to Hold the Vibration

Example with Two People

Set a designated time every night where you will practice this. You are going to take turns doing this. You start by telling the other person - parent, sibling, mate, friend, etc. - what you are consciously creating in your life. Basically, what is the most important dream you are trying to manifest. Go into as much detail as you feel comfortable doing. As you are telling your new story, the other person has their eyes closed and is visualizing you doing whatever it is that you desire to do. The other person, if they desire, can freely share with you what they are seeing. In fact, we highly encourage it, since it builds excitement and is a good way to build rapport.

Example with One Person

If you are feeling particularly vulnerable or the other person is not willing to participate, you can still do this exercise by yourself. In this case, you would visualize the other person doing what you have heard them talk about. Perhaps, they want better health, a better job, or more joy. Whatever it is that they desire, visualize them doing it or being it. After you are finished with the other person, take the time to visualize your own desires.

Alternatively, if you like writing, you can write a story about them already having what they desire. Then write a story about the life you desire as well.

Make it a Challenge

To really get into the habit of this relationship changing technique, it is a good idea to make it a challenge. Challenge yourself to do this every day for the next 30 days and see how this shifts your life, the life of the other person and your relationship to each other.

Please Share

Please share with us how this has affected your relationship. We love hearing great stories of inspiration. It inspires us and will inspire others as well.

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Shawngela Pierce

Written by : Shawngela Pierce

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