Meditation for New Year's Resolution Part II

raise-your-vibration-for-new-years-success Meditation for New Years Resolution Part 2

Last week we discussed how meditation helps you to focus. This week, we discuss another way meditation helps you to fulfill your New Year’s Resolution.


When you Meditate, You release “old baggage"

In addition to helping you to focus, meditation also helps you to relieve yourself of all the baggage that prevents you from moving forward.

When you make a New Year’s Resolution, you are generally trying to change something in your life to a more desired state. From an energetic perspective, you are basically trying to raise your vibration from an older “lower vibration” habit to a new “higher vibration” habit. 

In the process of raising your vibration, depending on the depth or the deepness of that lower vibration, will determine how it effects you when you raise your vibration. Sometimes things get raised and it never gets brought to your attention. Other times things get raised and it triggers thoughts in your mind. This vibration as it is being elevated from your body causes thoughts to come into your mind. Many people don't realize this connection so what happens is these thoughts come to their mind and then they fall back into their regular routines of how they deal with it. Whether it is eating more, whether it is smoking, drinking or whatever mechanism they have put into place to compensate for dealing with the emotionally disturbing thoughts (lower vibrational energies). 

How can meditation help? 

What meditation helps you to do is multi-faceted.

  1. It helps you to move that energy quicker. The faster you move these lower vibrational energies through your body, the faster you can raise your vibration. Also, the faster you move them, the less effect they have on your mind and emotions.
  2. It makes you become aware of your thoughts and that your thoughts are separate from who you truly are. They are just thoughts.  
  3. Meditation helps to ground you. The more grounded you are, the less energy is in your head. Meaning, you have less of these "contaminating thoughts" that cause you to go back to your otherwise "unhealthy" routines. You are grounded in who you truly are as a creative force.

By helping you with all of these aspects, meditation helps you to shift to the next level of consciousness. You shift beyond those burdens or lower vibrational energies that hold you in that state.

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Shawngela Pierce

Written by : Shawngela Pierce

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