Law of Attraction Weekly Thought 74

Law of Attraction Weekly Thought 74

Your life is a reflection of who you are and what lies within you. The people you interact with, the environment, your job, and your day to day interactions are all a vibrational match to your subconscious as well as conscious mind. As a result, what you experience in life is a reflection of the subconscious and conscious.

Now this reflection can be hard to come to terms with, if it is not how you envisioned your life. However, when you know that you are a conscious creator, you can take the steps to change your life for the better. You can set upon the task every day of working towards how you envision yourself. Telling a different story is one way to do this.

Collective Reflection

There is also collective consciousness that affects what you see in the mirror. However, you can maneuver your way through the collective. Your ability to do this will depend on what lies within your subconscious mind and your ability to shift that energy. If your subconscious mind is a vibrational match to the collective, then you are likely to be swept into the collective - whether for good or not. You can, however, choose to elevate your consciousness at any point so that you rise above it.


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Shawngela Pierce

Written by : Shawngela Pierce

Shawngela is a Law of Attraction and Meditation coach. Her focus is to help people attain true health and wellbeing by using her gift to channel information to guide others. Schedule a session with Shawngela and find out how the power to heal lies within you.

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