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The following is an excerpt from my latest book, Healing and the Law of Attraction

Our conscious as well as subconscious thoughts are always “telling a story.” This story relates to your views on yourself, your health and your life in general. The question is whether these stories support health or not. Do these stories help to raise your vibration or do they cause resistance? When you notice that you are not feeling good, then you become aware that either your conscious or subconscious mind is telling a story that does not serve you.

Telling a different story is a process of raising your vibration from a lower vibrational thought into a higher vibrational thought. It is a way of changing the story that your conscious and subconscious mind is telling about your current, past or future situation that is causing you to feel bad.

It is not necessary to know the specific detrimental story your mind is telling. It is, however, necessary to understand whether you are feeling good or bad. Having said this, sometimes knowing the story can be useful. Especially if this is a story that continuously and continuously repeats itself. However, for the most part, it is not necessary to analyze your thoughts in order for you to raise your vibration by telling a different story. Having said this, if you know the story, it is okay.


Your story will be different for various areas of your life. For instance, you could have a positive story when it relates to your identity but have a negative story when it relates to your confidence. Consequently, your overall story will be a combination of all of your stories.

From a vibrational standpoint, if you want to get a general idea of your conscious and subconscious story and whether your story has been good for you, just take a look at your overall level of health. If the majority of your thoughts tell stories that are at a raised level, then overall you will be in better health then someone whose overall thoughts tell a lower vibrational story.


I am sure you have all heard of positive affirmations. Positive affirmations can best be described as positive thoughts we tell ourselves, in order to bring about change in the conscious and subconscious minds. Over time, the positive affirmations become the new story that both your conscious and subconscious minds convey.

Positive affirmations are a wonderful tool to use in the healing process because they ultimately raise your vibration. We call our process Positive Vibrational Affirmations because it is important to be aware of your current vibrational level when saying affirmations. This is because your current vibrational level will determine how well the affirmations work for you.

Returning to our vibrational scale, if your current level is around 30, saying an affirmation that vibrates around the level of 90, is too far of a jump. You won’t believe it and as a result, that causes resistance. For instance, saying “I am healthy”, when you truly don’t feel that way, nor believe in it.

As a result, in order to benefit the most from affirmations, we ask you to feel your way to the highest positive vibrational affirmation in which you can believe.

  1. Write down a list of affirmations you feel are at the highest level you would like to attain. Here are some examples: I am strong, I am capable, I am good enough, I am love, I trust in my source, I trust my spiritual guides, I am grateful for my healthy body, I am choosing happiness, I am powerful, I am flexible, I am health, I am beautiful, I am slim, I am patient, my liver is healthy, I have an abundance of energy, I feel safe, I am safe, I am healed, I forgive, I honor who I am, I am financially free, etc. As you can see, the affirmations don’t all have to be related to health, but they all will help to raise your vibration.
  2. Now that you have your ultimate list, let’s start writing positive statements that are not as high vibrationally, but are at a level that you can believe. At this point, don’t think too much about it. Just start writing down some thoughts. You can reorder them later. The following are possible examples that may or may not be believable for you at this juncture. It is okay, if they are not. These are just meant to help as a guide.
    • Everyday my health improves
    • Everyday I have hope my health is improving
    • I trust my health is improving
    • Everyday I feel my health is improving
    • I receive signs from my source
    • I deserve happiness
    • I deserve health
    • I feel worthy of love
    • I deserve a happy lifestyle
    • My life is beginning to change
    • I have hope that my life is going to change for the better
    • I deserve the best
    • I keep going
    • I have a positive attitude
    • I believe my health will improve
    • I trust in my guidance on health
    • I allow source to guide me
    • Today I pay attention to how I feel
    • I laugh often
    • I love laughing
    • I look within to find answers
    • All is well in my world
  3. Reorder the affirmations based on how they feel vibrationally to you. This is going to be different for everyone. If you can, after you place them in an order that feels good, either have someone read them to you or record yourself. Close your eyes, pay attention to your body and see how it feels to you. If there are some statements that feel out of order because it caused you to restrict, then reorder it until it feels better.
    • Here is an example of positive vibrational affirmations rewritten several times so that each sentence feels better than the one before. Of course, it may not feel this way for you, which is okay. The way you write and reorder your positive vibrational affirmations, will be suited to your needs. This is just an example.
      • I deserve to feel good
      • I deserve a life of health
      • I deserve to be grateful
      • I deserve supportive friendships
      • I pay attention to how I feel
      • My life is beginning to change
      • I laugh more often
      • I am learning to trust in my health
      • I am learning to trust in my source
      • I am learning to understand the signs given to me from source
      • I am attracting the help I need for my health
      • I am enjoying my healthy body
      • I am enjoying life
      • I love me
      • I am beautiful
      • I am grateful for health
  4. Once you have an order, where each affirmation feels better and better, write it down in a place where it is easy for you to read every day. This could be in your spiritual journal, on your vision board, on index cards, in a notepad software on your computer, as well as a multitude of other choices.
Note: Bit by bit, parts of your affirmations will need to be updated. This is because the affirmations will raise your vibrational level and some of the affirmations will not feel good to you anymore. Some will feel too low vibrationally and will not resonate. When this happens, congratulate yourself. This is a good sign that your subconscious thoughts are changing and you are raising yourself to the next level.


We suggest you read this on an everyday regular basis to start the process of retraining your subconscious mind to think differently. Good times to practice this are before you go to bed, immediately upon waking, or after your meditation. There are also other times you could do this, but at the very least do one of the previously mentioned times every day.

If you are using this technique at other times during the day, make sure it feels right for you to do so. This is because at certain times, this may not be the technique to use. You may have spiraled so much out of control that you need something else. At different moments, different techniques will work for you. This is why it is good to have a good supply of tools in your toolbox.


Have fun when you are reading your positive vibrational affirmations. Try singing them, saying them with enthusiasm or laughing between affirmations. This will add feelings to the affirmations, which as we have discussed, increases the intensity of the vibrations going to your subconscious mind.

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