What is Raising your Vibration?

What is Raising your Vibration

Raising your vibration simply means raising your energetic level to a place that is higher than your current vibrational level.

Now that sounds simple enough, however why do we use the term "energetic level”? We use it because everything in the universe, including humans, animals, nature, buildings, thoughts, feelings, and dis-ease is energy. Energy is all around us. Everything our senses perceive is energy as well as everything our senses do not perceive. E=mc2 defines the relationship of energy in this universe.


High and Low Vibrational FrequenciesEnergy vibrates at different frequencies. There are low frequencies, high frequencies and frequencies that range between the two. Low frequencies vibrate slowly and high frequencies vibrate fast. Using our vibrational scale, low frequencies (below 49) are associated with disharmonies and high frequencies (above 51) are associated with improved health. Remember this is an arbitrary scale, used only to help explain the concept better. The basic point is that we are vibrational/energetic beings.

Higher Source Energy

Everyone is connected to a higher energy source. This means everyone is connected to the non-physical, whether you call this God, source, spiritual guides, universe, etc. This higher energy source vibrates fast and everyone has the ability to vibrate at this high level too. This high level is denoted as 100. When you are vibrating at the highest level, you are in full alignment with this higher energy source, which we also designate as 100.

Law of Attraction ResistanceWhen you are aligned with this higher energy source you are in optimal energy flow, i.e. a perfect state of well-being. This state of well-being means that you are emotionally healthy, physically healthy and spiritually healthy. You are fully allowing and are vibrating at the highest level. You have basically reconnected to your higher energy source, higher self, spirit, inner guides or whatever you wish to call it. In essence, you have raised your vibration to become a full vibrational match to all there is.

Resistance of higher source energy produces disharmony. Resistance can also be described as an energy blockage or misalignment. Resistance in your physical, emotional and/or spiritual state leads to disharmony in your physical, emotional and/or spiritual state.

Raising your Vibration

Using our vibrational scale of 0 to 100, if you are consistently at a level of 30, when you reach the level of let’s say 45, then you have raised your vibration to another energetic level. When this is done, you feel better and your health improves. While it may not be optimal health, it is still vastly improved from your current level of 30. Do note that even raising your vibration one level is still raising your vibration.Ranges of Feelings

You can raise your vibration beyond any condition to include a tumultuous past, and become as healthy as you desire. The key is to align yourself with source energy as much as possible and as long as possible. This will result in a steady and gradual increase in your overall vibrational state. As you continue to raise your vibration, you will get to an energetic level in which you start to feel good spiritually, emotionally & physically, on a regular basis.

Raising your vibration also means raising your subconscious mind level as well. As a result, you no longer vibrate consistently at the lower level. The information in your subconscious mind is basically rewritten in a sense. The lower frequency that used to emanate becomes more diminished by your raised vibration. The higher frequency will be the dominant frequency that emanates from you. The dominant frequency is the key.

17 Ways to Raise your Vibration

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