A Media Fast for Health and Healing

A Media Fast for Health - Law of Attraction Healing

Does a media fast really relate to the law of attraction for healing?

Yes, it really does.

One law of attraction principle we teach is understanding your role in the health and healing process. Remember, you are a spiritual being in a physical body and this means you have a connection to the non-physical - whatever you call that non-physical. Whether you call the non-physical God, Angels, Spiritual Guides, Universe, etc. is irrelevant. We are all connected to something other than the physical.

As such, the non-physical is constantly communicating to you as a spiritual being in a creative universe. This communication lets you know whether or not you are aligned with what you desire, and that includes health. This communication involving your alignment is through the vibrations of feelings.

Unfortunately, most people are unaware of this facet of practicing the law of attraction. As a result, most people are unaware as to whether or not they are in alignment with what they truly want.

An easy way to think about your alignment is when you are feeling bad, you are out of alignment. When you are feeling good, you are in alignment. Feeling good translates to feelings of joy, gratitude, calm, relaxation, peace, etc. Feeling bad translates to feelings of depression, sadness, agitation, fear, jealousy, upset stomach, pain, crankiness, etc. Now let’s relate these feelings to media. If you are participating in some media outlet, such as watching a Netflix movie or are on social media, then what you are doing is affecting your health and most likely in a negative way. This is because if what you are doing is causing you to feel agitated, worried, sad, etc., then these are signs from the non-physical that you are out of alignment.

Most movies are meant to evoke feelings from you. Unfortunately, many movies evoke emotions/feelings of a low vibration. As you are immersed in the movie, your body is experiencing these feelings and it is affecting your health in a negative way. Another example you may be able to relate to is being on Facebook and reading about something your friend is doing and feeling jealous or sick to your stomach. Again, this is an indication that you are out of alignment with what you desire and that includes your health.

For those that understand this in terms of stress, the examples given above literally cause your body stress and this stress is negatively affecting your health.

Now you maybe asking yourself, how much is it actually affecting you? Well this will depend on how long you are out of alignment. Are you spending most of your media time in a state of misalignment? Most of you may say you are only out of alignment a little, but let’s be frank in stating that the average person is unaware of how they are feeling. This is due to the fact that they are not in touch with their body. Too much time is literally spent in the mind, that one is not grounded enough to know what is really going on in the body. Unfortunately for most, it takes something profound happening in the body for them to take notice and do something about it. All the small signs are ignored for weeks, months and years, until again, the problem gets too big to ignore. This is not to criticize, this is only to point out this phenomena in today’s society.

What can a media fast do for you?

A media fast has many benefits. One of which is to raise your vibration because you are stepping away from situations that put you in a lower vibrational state.

Another thing that a media fast can do is to help you become more aware of your feelings. This may sound strange but sometimes it takes not doing something to recognize the affect it has been having on your life. For instance, if you are consistently in a low vibratory state of let’s say sadness, then you may not even recognize it. However, if you do the media fast and focus on activities that make you feel good, then after a few weeks, you may be able to recognize when you fall back into the lower vibratory state of sadness. Before you may not have recognized it because it was your normal state but if you spend time raising your vibration, it will be easier to notice.

What is a media fast?

There are many types of media in today’s society, including print media (books, magazines, newspapers), television, movies, video games, music, cell phones and the Internet. Of course, when most people think about a media fast, they associate it with social media.

When we talk about doing a media fast, we like to keep it open. We want you to decide the type(s) of media you feel would offer you the most benefit to avoid for a specified period of time. For instance, if you spend a lot of time watching Netflix or getting “lost” on social media, then maybe those should be the ones you consider avoiding for your media fast.

How long should you do the media fast?

We recommend either 21-days or 30-days. Of course, even 7-days could yield significant insight into your current vibrational level and how much you are in or out of alignment with health and what you desire. The choice is yours. The longer you can do it, the more insight you are likely to gain. You may even decide to minimize or even stop engaging in that media after the end of your fast.

Alternative Activities

I am sure, if you are like most, you have had plenty of things on your todo list but have never dedicated the time to doing it. Well now is your chance. Instead of engaging in your normal media outlet, spend time checking off that list. Some examples of what you could have on your list could be:

  • Spending more time outside in nature
  • Going for more walks
  • Decluttering a space in your house
  • Painting/decorating a room
  • Starting a hobby
  • Doing a gratitude challenge
  • Taking a course at the local college
  • Joining a sports club
  • Laughing more
  • Finding a group of like-minded people
  • Exercising more
  • Taking a cooking class
  • Starting/updating your vision board
  • Spending more time with family
  • Writing a book
  • Reading a book
  • Starting a meditation practice
  • Starting a business

Have we inspired you to take the challenge and start a media fast? We do hope that you try it and experience what it can do for your health and what you are consciously trying to manifest.

Let’s go!

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Shawngela Pierce

Written by : Shawngela Pierce

Shawngela is a Law of Attraction and Meditation coach. Her focus is to help people attain true health and wellbeing by using her gift to channel information to guide others. Schedule a session with Shawngela and find out how the power to heal lies within you.

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