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deep-longing Deep Longing - A Law of Attraction Question


If you have a deep longing, how do you know if that is your inner self telling you to go in that direction or if it is a memory that is from the past and if you should ignore it and let it be?



We're going to break this question up in two parts. First, we are going to address how your inner voice communicates with you, and second we are going to address the deep longing, because there's more to the deep longing than meets the eye.

How your Inner Voice Communicates

Your inner voice, your inner self, your higher source - whatever you want to call it - communicates to you through feelings. (Note: They also communicate to you through other means but feelings are the most reliable source.)

For now we're going to say that if you have a strong desire, or what you are calling “longing," this means that you have steadily put your attention on whatever it is, so much so that there is a strong connection to it. The strong connection means that every time you think about it, you feel a very strong, good feeling vibration. This basically means your manifestation is ripe and ready to come into your reality. As a result, if you continue to focus on it and allow it, you will eventually see your manifestation in your reality.

Difference between Deep Longing and Strong Positive Feeling

Words are one of the worst forms of communication. What you mean by a word may not be the same thing that someone else means to convey, or how they interpret it. As a result, in this second part, we want to clarify the difference between a deep longing and a strong positive feeling.

A traditional definition of longing is a strong, persistent desire or craving, especially for something unattainable or distant. As a result, when you say "deep longing" you want to make sure you are not putting out to the universe the traditional sense of the definition - meaning that if you are referring to the traditional definition, then you are referring to a lack of something. Remember in the law of attraction, when you feel a lack of something, you actually decrease your ability to manifest what you truly desire. When you focus on lack, you are actually not manifesting what you think you’re manifesting. You are actually manifesting more of the lack.

Let's try to put that in better terms. Let’s say you're manifesting a car in your life. We'll just use that as an example. While looking at pictures of the car you desire, you notice that you feel good. You feel a sense of joy when you think about the car as well. This is your inner voice communicating to you that your thoughts are in alignment with manifesting the car because you are experiencing a positive strong feeling. But what could happen is that you start noticing the lack of having that car. For instance, you see someone else with the car and feel jealous, or think “Where is my car?"

When you do this, you start to notice that you don’t feel good. You could have feelings of sadness, regret, and feel a bad sensation in your stomach region. All of these feelings are an indication that you are out of alignment with your desire to manifest this car. You are actually pushing the manifestation of the car further away.

Another example would be manifesting a mate. When you think about your mate and being together, you feel really good. You feel like you already have this mate, and that you have the desired relationship. Again, overall it feels good. But then when you see a couple together, you actually start to notice your mate is not here yet or say the words, “Why does everyone else have a mate and not me?” When you do this, you’re actually noticing a lack.

What most people tend to do is focus more on the lack. Again, let's say you really, really want a mate! But you're constantly putting your attention towards not having a mate. When you focus on the lack of a mate, you feel a strong negative feeling. This is because your strong desire to have a mate is so powerful, that thinking of the opposite of this produces a strong negative feeling. In your society, this deep negative feeling, such as a “deep sad” feeling for not having a mate is interpreted as a deep longing, which means you associate the deep negative feeling as a sign that you really, really should have this.

This is what we mean by stating that a deep longing is not the same as having a strong, positive, creative desire in the direction that you truly want to manifest. If your creation is on track, then when you think or visualize about your mate, it will feel good to you.

Again we want you to understand the difference between the two.

Rephrase the Question

So let's go back and actually address the question again. How do you know if a deep longing is your inner self telling you to go in that direction, or if it is a memory from the past, and if you should ignore it and let it be?

We want to rephrase the question to make sure it is clear. We will change "deep longing" to "a strong desire" because that implies a more positive, "heading towards your desire" vibration. So the question is better stated, “How do you know if a strong desire is your inner self telling you to go in that direction, or if it is a memory from the past which you should ignore, and let it be?"

Inner Self Telling you to go in that Direction

What we are wanting to convey to you is that your inner voice is here to help guide you, not to make the decisions for you. That is for you to do. Our job is to direct you as to whether or not you are in alignment with what you desire. That is all. So if you choose to follow the path of a thought from the past, that is okay. If you choose not to follow that path, that is okay too. Another way to say this is that if you like the choice of where the thought from the past is leading you, then feel free to follow that path.

What we're saying is that it really doesn't matter if the memory comes from the past or not. All that matters is that you make a choice. Your creative life here on earth is about making choices. If you have chosen a certain path and that path is about to manifest in your reality, then you will feel good about it. If you are out of alignment with the path, then it will not feel good to you.

I hope that brings clarity to all. We can clarify further if necessary.


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Written by : Shawngela Pierce

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