Can you Prove the Law of Attraction?

Can you prove the law of attraction?

The law of attraction can’t be proved any more than you can prove the concept of God, the concept of angels or the concept of spirits. Really the law of attraction is more something you "prove to yourself". You basically prove to yourself that it works for you, because you are experiencing the results of your creations from consciously practicing it.

So let's say that you are beginning with the law of attraction. You understand the concept and want to give it a try. What you would do is start off with something easy. Start with something that is easy for you to think about in order to manifest it on a consistent basis. Let’s say that you always wanted to be greeted by a smile every time you walked into work. As a result, you would just visualize that happening. Visualize yourself being greeted with a smile from your co-workers.

It may be challenging to visualize this if you are new to visualizing. If it is, then try this method. Just say the words in advance: “I am grateful that I'm always greeted with a smile when I walk into work”. Let's just say that you will do this for 30-days in the morning. First thing in the morning you just wake up and you say these words: “I'm grateful that I am always greeted by a smile when I walk into work”.

So you just make a point to do this and just watch what happens! Remember, you are doing this for 30-days. Just continue to do it and trust in it.

If you prove the law of attraction to yourself, you can take it to the next level. The next level would be manifesting something else that's easy for you to think about and create.

What we advise, when you're new at this is to start with something easier for you to grasp. And then once you see the validity for yourself, you can start the process of creating something a little more challenging (but still easy) for you to hold true for yourself. We wouldn’t advise the next step after you start with something simple, to try to manifest something a lot more challenging for you, like weight loss or having an abundance of money.

As we continue to write to you, we will get into how to manifest the things in your life that have been challenging for you in the past. Right now, we are just addressing one of the most common questions that arises about whether you can prove the law of attraction. Again, the law of attraction is something you have to prove for yourself and there are simple steps you can take in order to do this. Then when you either confirm, you can choose to take the law of attraction to the next step and become an active conscious creator.

If you do not prove it to yourself, you can choose to let go of the concept or try again. Quite possibly, you started with something that was too challenging for you to overcome. Next time try something as easy as seeing a bird every day.

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Written by : Shawngela Pierce

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