Law of Attraction Weekly Thought 83

Law of Attraction Weekly Thought 83


When you are in pain, how do you know if your soul is telling you to choose a different path?


When you are in pain, that is a sign that your thoughts are out of alignment. Now the key is deciphering whether the thought that is causing you to feel bad is based in trust or based in fear. When you have a thought that is based on trust, and you start to feel bad, then your inner guides are telling you that what you are thinking is out of alignment. Likewise, if you have a thought that is based on fear, and you start to feel bad, then your inner guides are again telling you that what you are thinking it out of alignment. They both make you feel bad, but the decisions that you make from them can only be determined if you understand whether the thought is that from a higher vibration such as trust or a lower vibration such as fear.

To bring more clarity to this, let’s examine a situation where a Canadian woman moves to the United States and marries a U.S. citizen. At first everything is fine but then it turns into a tumultuous relationship. As a result, the woman is desiring a more peaceful life. One day, she gets a sign from her spiritual guides indicating that returning to her home country is the best choice for her at this time. The woman really loves being in the U.S. and does not want to return to Canada. When she thinks about returning to Canada, she feels physical pain. When she thinks about staying with her husband, she feels physical pain as well. Her confusion causes her to seek the advice of a spiritual coach.

After a session with the coach, she could now see that her negative feelings associated with returning to Canada were fear-based. She had thoughts about not being able to find a spiritual community in her native land because she had not been able to do so previously. She imagined that returning home was going to be a grave mistake. Her thoughts about what was going to happen when she returned home were out of alignment and her spiritual guides gave her signs indicating this. Her spiritual guides were not telling her that returning home was out of alignment. She was being guided to see that her thoughts about what was going to happen when she returned home were out of alignment. Once she was made aware of this and began to tell a different story about what was going to happen, her thoughts about returning home felt good. Now it was easier to differentiate between the choice of staying in her current marital situation or returning home to her country.

As you can see from the example above, it is important to understand the difference so that you understand the guidance given to you from within. While you are learning to differentiate between the two, ask yourself, do I have some fear-based thoughts about a situation. If you do, “rephrase” the thoughts in a more positive way. Then once you do that, you can look at the two decisions from “equal light.” At that point, you will be able to clearly see which one is in alignment with your desires and which one is not.

Subconscious Misalignment

Now we will address another situation that can cause pain. Again, pain still indicates that your thoughts are out of alignment, but many may be surprised that pain can happen as a result of doing a healing therapy. For a lack of a better term, let’s say this therapy “rips you vibrationally” and takes you to a higher vibrational level.

Let’s give an example of doing a gong ceremony. If you have never done one before, a gong produces tons of vibrations of various frequencies. As a result of the multitude of vibrations interacting with your body, they literally “shake up” lower vibrations. Some of these lower vibrations will leave your body without you ever noticing but some won’t leave without some interference. These lower vibrations are so powerfully engrained in you, that as the vibrations are leaving, they trigger thoughts. If these thoughts are out of alignment, they will cause resistance. If there is a wide gap between your current vibrational level and the thought, it will produce massive resistance, which results in pain. As a result, in any particular moment you may not have been consciously thinking about something, but subconsciously the lower vibratory thoughts that are being released are triggering resistance.

If you are feeling pain as a result of a treatment, make sure you understand the overall picture and what is happening. In the beginning, it may be confusing to decipher. If you are having trouble, either ask your spiritual guides for more clarity or seek the advice of a spiritual coach.

The above was an excerpt from my latest book, Healing and the Law of Attraction


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Shawngela Pierce

Written by : Shawngela Pierce

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