Law of Attraction Weekly Thought 84

Law of Attraction Weekly Thought 84


My daughter has a mark on her head, called hemangioma. She has had it since her birth. I am trying to heal her completely from that condition. I have been trying to do it using the Law of Attraction for more than a year but I don’t see any progress. The mark is still there. Doesn’t matter how much I stay positive and grateful, I still don’t see anything change. Please help me.


First and foremost, we must point out that all healing is self-healing and while you may have genuine concern about your daughter’s condition, you cannot heal her. She has to be open and allow the healing herself. That is the only way it will be done. All healing is self-healing. There is no other way on this planet. For most, this does not seem to be the case, especially when it concerns little children. When you take little children to the doctor, they are given some type of treatment and many times they get better. From your perspective, it is the treatment that has cured the child when in actuality, it is the child who has allowed the treatment to have an effect on him or her. The child has to allow the healing. For children, especially, young children, this is easier to do then it is for an adult. Most children naturally vibrate at a higher level then adults, which means a level above 50. They have not been inundated with years and years of societal practices that have caused them to disconnect to their true essence. While, of course, they are still connected to the collective consciousness, their ability to allow healing, is far greater than an adult - at least, far greater than an unconscious adult.

As for what you can do, although you cannot truly heal another, you can “hold the vibration” of health, love and well-being for that person. You can envision the other person in a healthy state. Pay attention to how you feel when you look at your child. Are you really feeling grateful or feeling good when you look at the hemangioma or do you have subconscious thoughts that cause you to feel bad when you look at it. Of course, if you are feeling bad, then you are not projecting an image of perfection and health towards your child. Also, if you are noticing that there is not change, then you are noticing lack. Again, this should feel bad to you. Be mindful and recognize this. Switch your vibration as quick as you can in order to project a state of well-being and health. By doing this, you not only set a positive vibration for the child, you also set a vibration for yourself. You too will benefit from “holding the vibration.”

The above was an excerpt from my latest book, Healing and the Law of Attraction


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Shawngela Pierce

Written by : Shawngela Pierce

Shawngela is a Law of Attraction and Meditation coach. Her focus is to help people attain true health and wellbeing by using her gift to channel information to guide others. Schedule a session with Shawngela and find out how the power to heal lies within you.

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