Seek Within You Defined

Seek Within You Definition

What does the term seek within you mean? Seek within you literally signifies asking questions, quieting the mind, going within yourself and allowing the answers to come to you. When you do this, you get your answers directly from source. To you, source could mean God, Providence, Yahweh, Spiritual Guides, Angels, Universe, etc. It matters not what you call your source. We are all connected to something other than the physical. Of course, if the basic premise that we are spiritual beings in a physical body is too much for you, the approach is still the same. Seek within you to learn the true nature of who you are.

As you are aware, everyone has an opinion related to any and every thing on this planet. A lot of the opinions are based on doctrines that have been passed down from generation to generation. Other opinions are a result of the scientific logical mind perspective; and still some are based on experience. When you seek from within, you do not blindly rely on outside information to validate what you think you already know. You open to the possibilities. When you are open, you don’t tell source what you know to be true. Instead, you open up to allow source to tell you the true nature of it all; this includes the true nature of health, the universe, the non-physical, etc.

When you are seeking within for answers, the questions you ask can be simple or they can be complex. We suggest starting with simpler questions in the beginning, however, do whatever resonates with you. Some common questions that people tend to ask are related to the true nature of this reality. Examples of this could be: "Are we just here randomly?”, "Is there a purpose to our existence?”,"Do we have control over our fate?”

When you ask your question, be patient, be open and allow the answers to come to you. In the beginning it is not uncommon for you to get the answers from outside of you, which is a strange concept considering we are talking about seeking within. The reason this happens is that you have not developed a strong relationship with your source. You are not able to quiet your mind for long enough periods of time for source to respond to you. However, the more you rely on your source and seek within you, the easier it is to get a direct answer. To that end, it is wonderful if you have a daily meditation practice, where you train your mind to be still so that you can hear the answers directly. However, if you do not have a regular meditation practice, this should not prevent you from asking the questions and being open to the answers, no matter how they come to you.

When you ask the questions, wait patiently for an answer. In addition to this, ask your source to communicate to you in a way that you know it is from source. In this way, even if the answers comes from without, you know it is what you were led to by source.

For those who feel they have been led to the law of attraction, don’t stop there. Continue to ask your source for guidance in maneuvering your way through this creative universe. In this way, you can start the process of standing in your power and becoming whole again. This task can never be accomplished from the intellectual mind. The intellectual mind can never hold the truth of who you are. This can only come from a personal relationship with your source.

It is far more reliable to get your answers direct from source. When you try to make sense of this world from a logical perspective, many times, it does not make sense. The world can seem unfair, hostile or just down right in chaos. Relying on the logical mind, can also cause you to develop a philosophy that is not in alignment with the true nature of who you are and of the universe. When you rely on outside sources, including us, you have not truly stepped into your power as creative beings. Everyone has the ability to understand the true nature of who they are but that can only come from within.


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Shawngela Pierce

Written by : Shawngela Pierce

Shawngela is a Law of Attraction and Meditation coach. Her focus is to help people attain true health and wellbeing by using her gift to channel information to guide others. Schedule a session with Shawngela and find out how the power to heal lies within you.

Connection with Source
This article resonates strongly with me today, especially this one paragraph: "The intellectual mind can never hold the truth of who you are. This can only come from a personal relationship with your source."

I've had this very strong longing for quite some time now, for a reflection - or a recognition, rather, of who I am. A longing for someone with whom to share my truth with. For someone who truly sees me and understands me. I've prayed to meet with my soul family etc., and it just hit me now, as I read that quote of yours...
This urge for such a deep sense of connection.... It's not a longing for an external something or someone. It's a longing for my own self recognition. Unity with my own Higher Being. That's the connection worth cultivating, which in turn will satisfy that need and longing. Even though those intellectual encounters and human connections are amazing in and of themselves, they can never make up for the true connection we create with Source. Thank you Shawngela!

Shawngela Pierce
You are Welcome!
You are welcome Ingvild! Glad to be of service.
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