Delays in Manifesting with the Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction Delays


Why is my life still in chaos despite my best efforts to consciously create?


Despite what you may want to happen, there is a delay in most of your manifestations. As a result, what you are living today is mostly a result of what you set into motion from the past; and what was set into motion was based on your past thoughts (conscious and subconscious), actions, feelings, focus, etc…

This is something to pay particular attention to when using the law of attraction to consciously create a different reality. This is not a universe of instantaneous manifestations, although your manifestations can happen very quickly.

It is very common to feel you have been putting good vibrations out into the universe for whatever you are trying to manifest and then get frustrated because what you are seeing in your current reality is not what you have been consciously creating. As we have stated, there is a delay. The key to maintaining your momentum is to prevent yourself from focusing on what is not happening. Instead continue to focus on what you want to happen. Remember what you are doing now, will affect what you experience in the future.

Having a positive attitude and continuing to focus on what you want to happen, can be challenging, especially if your current situation seems unbearable. However, in order to shift into your new reality, this must be done. The longer you spend focusing on what you don’t like about your current situation, the more you continue to build momentum in this area of your life. This will create even more delay in getting what you truly want because you will have set into motion more of what you don’t want. .

One Cause for Delay

If what you want to manifest is at a much higher vibration then your current level of thinking; it is going to take time for you to reach that vibration and maintain that vibration. Remember, this is a vibrational matching universe. Like attracts like. As a result, you must be able to not only reach the vibration of what you are asking, you must be able to maintain that vibrational level in order to truly see your desire.

To help in clarifying this point, let’s use our vibrational scale of 0 to 100. Let’s say that you normally think and focus at the level of 40, but now desire something at a level of 60. In order to manifest what you desire, you must be able to reach the level of 60 on a consistent basis and maintain that vibration. To put this in practical terms, let’s use an example involving money. Let’s say your thoughts about money flowing to you is at a level of 40, but now you desire more money; which for this example, we will say is at a level of 60. In order to manifest an abundance of money flowing to you at a level of 60, you must change your way of thinking so that your new vibrational level is at the level of 60. You must also maintain that level in order to maintain a steady flow of money at the level of 60.

Another way, to say this is that your level of belief must be at the level of at least 60 in order for you to manifest that amount of steady money.

Note: You will become a vibrational match to whatever level you raise your vibration. As a result, if you consistently practice tools to consciously create more money, you will attract more money at the level at which you consistently maintain. In the beginning, it won’t be at a level of 60, but as you steadily practice an abundant attitude, you will steadily raise your vibration to the level of 60. For instance, if after two weeks, you are able to maintain a level of 45, then you will manifest an abundant flow of money at the level of 45. If you continue your practice, you will steadily raise this vibrational level until you eventually reach 60 and beyond. Of course, because there is a delay in manifestations, you must be patient and wait for it to manifest itself.

There are other reasons for a delay in manifestations such as having too much focus on it not happening; being out of alignment more than you are in alignment (resisting more than allowing); trying too hard to manifest which causes you to resist; or changing your mind constantly. Many of these causes are interrelated. If you need help in figuring out what is keeping you from the life you desire, please contact me for a free 30-minute consultation.

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Written by : Shawngela Pierce

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