Letting Go | A Law of Attraction Question

letting-go Letting Go | A Law of Attraction Question


In order to really successfully utilize the law of attraction to make one's life better, is it necessary to have some mastery over this notion of letting go? Meaning letting go of past experiences, people, places, circumstances in your past, grievances that you might have with other people, etc. Is letting go necessary before a person can practice the law of attraction?


First we have to state that a person is always creating, whether they are creating consciously or unconsciously. As a result, they are always practicing the law of attraction. Now whether or not they create what they want in their lives, will depend on the degree to which they can allow. So to answer your question more specifically, no, letting go is not necessary before practicing the law of attraction because you are always practicing it.

Basically when you are consciously practicing the law of attraction you are setting out to experience certain things. So let’s give an example. Let’s say that you're holding onto frustration. Now, if you're consciously practicing the Law of Attraction, you are setting out to experience that which is opposite to frustration, which, perhaps you may want to describe as easy-going. When you want to experience situations that are easy-going, you are not, per se, focusing on getting rid of frustration. You are focusing on the feeling of easy-going. Remember, you get what you focus on in life; as a result, if you focus on frustration, then you're just going to create more frustration.

When you're consciously practicing the Law of Attraction, you should point your focus “downstream” towards what you want to accomplish. You should not point it “upstream" towards what you're trying to let go of in life.


Yes, that’s a very much understood part of the law of attraction. You get what your focus on. So I guess I think you've answered the question. But let me just state it slightly different since we never really practice the law of attraction; the law of attraction just is. So in order to utilize the law of attraction to our benefit, are you saying that it is necessary to be able to let go of things that don't serve us, things that are attracting negative circumstances in our lives? So we let go of beliefs that aren’t serving us; the attitudes that aren’t serving us?


Well, when you say “let go” the way you just stated, you make it sound like it's something that you should be consciously doing. When you're focused on that which you want to experience in your life, you naturally let go of that which does not serve you. Does that make sense?

Again, let’s use the example of holding on to frustration, with the desire to experience situations that are easy-going. When you're focused on feeling easy-going in order to experience easy-going situations, frustrating situations will disappear from your reality steadily over-time. What we mean by steadily over-time is that if you still hold some level of frustration in your consciousness, then there will be times when it appears. It will appear less and less as you steadily raise your vibration to that of easy-going situations. When you consistently focus on easy-going situations to the point that you no longer hold the vibration of frustration, then only easy-going situations will appear. Does that make sense?


Okay, let me make sure I understand this by using another example. Are you saying that if you have a deeply held belief about something that is bringing you proverty instead of prosperity, that you don't necessarily have to identify with that belief before you can become prosperous and all you have to do is focus on prosperity?


Yes, that's exactly what we're saying. We’re saying that you focus on what you want to experience as opposed to whatever has brought you to the point of your current belief system. Your past focus created that poverty. So if you want to experience abundance, than you need to focus on abundance, until the point where there is really no vibration in your body that is that of poverty. As a result, you’ve come into full alignment with your true abundance that is yours to have. Does that make sense?

It is the opposite of the traditional way of thinking about becoming a better person. The typical way is that you have to analyze it to the point where it dissipates and that is not how you practice the law of attraction. The law of attraction is just that focus on what you want and that will become relevant to you and will come into your reality.

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