What can Meditation do for you?

Law of Attraction Question on Meditation and what it can do


How can meditation benefit me as I practice the Law of Attraction?



Meditation can help you shed your “skin” literally. Literally you are shedding away old layers of skin that do not serve you and bringing into light the new you. That new you will take many forms, depending on what you are shedding. For instance, if you are shedding an old angry vibe, then your new skin will be that of peace. 

Now as we know, there are many layers to this peace.

If you meditate, and yet continue to focus on conflict then the meditation can only take you so far. It can only take you as far as you allow. You get what you focus on in life. If you are focusing on both meditation and conflict, then you will get a combination of the two.That is a basic Law of Attraction concept.

If you meditate on peace, of course, you will naturally be attracted to that which is peace. That does not mean to say that you will not ever find conflict in your life. That is to say that you will be more inclined towards peace. As you are shedding the layers of conflict, you will naturally be attracting at whatever layer you are at at that moment. Let’s give an example, let’s say that you have 10 layers of skin to go through in order to become the person of peace that you desire. Now let’s say that you have just begun meditating and have only shed your skin once. As a result, you are at a level of 9 of peace. Therefore, you will attract/be attracted to/be attracting situations, places, people that are also at a level of 9 as well. Now, of course, 9 is lower than 10, but you may not be able to tell the difference between the two since they are so close together. 

Now let’s say you have been meditating regularly for 6 months and now you have shed 7 layers of skin and now are at a level of 3. Again, you will attract/be attracted to/be attracting situations, places, people that are also at a level of 3 as well. As a result, things that you used to like at a level of 9, no longer feel good to you right now.  For instance, some of the music that you used to listen to will no longer resonate with you anymore. It may feel like the words involve too much conflict and since you are no longer resonating at that frequency, then it does not feel good for you. This is natural. It is a natural transition to a more peaceful world.

This is the same transition that will happen in all of your life. Even if you focus on peace during your meditation, you will find that your health (physical as well as emotional), has also improved. You will feel more inclined to eat foods that better support your resonance at a different frequency. 

Now as you know this is a very simplified version of the complex interplay of what happens when you start to meditate. This is just a good way, I feel, to help my students realize that “shedding skin” and becoming anew is a natural and normal process during meditation.

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