In the following audio excerpt from "The New Earth", Eckhart Tolle discusses how negativity affects your health.



ego-train-your-mind-to-focus"Unhappiness is a ego created mental/emotional disease that has reached epidemic proportions…if you were able to observe the physiological changes that take place inside your body when possessed by such negative states, how they adversely affect the functioning of the heart, the digestive and immune systems and countless other bodily functions, it would become abundantly clear that such states are indeed pathological; are forms of suffering and not pleasure......"


As you can see, negative thoughts affect your health in a negative way.  Training your mind to focus allows one to easily shift a negative state, which is caused by your thoughts, into a state of well-being; in other words, you can train your mind to focus on good feeling thoughts, which have a positive affect on your health.  The longer you can remain in a good feeling/good thought state the more improvement you will see in your health (physical, emotional and spiritual).  This is the optimal state of being. This is your natural state.  I have presented in this blog ways in which you can train your mind to focus.  One of my favorite methods is the nature meditation.  I also present a moving meditation and other ways to shift your thoughts in my book, "Awakening to the Healing Powers Within: An Energetic Perspective on Self-Healing."  Training your mind to focus is a process and can be an enjoyable one if you allow it to be.


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