Vibrational Scale of HealthIt is easy to understand whether you are feeling good or feeling bad, however, it is also good to understand that there are ranges to both feelings.  Let’s use the analogy of a linear scale.  For demonstration purposes we will say that the scale goes from 0 to 100.  The lowest that feeling bad goes is zero and the highest that feeling good ranges is 100.  Let’s also say that 50 is the tipping point.  If you can reach the vibration of 50 then you cross the “border” into the area of feeling good.  As you can see, from the simplified example that there is a range of feeling good.  Being at a vibration of 60 feels better than being at a vibration of 55.  In addition, being in a vibration of 80, feels better then a vibration of 60.  They are all in the range of feeling good, however, the higher level is more open (feels better) than the others.  I am sure you can recall a time when you felt really, really good.  Compare this to a time, when you felt good but not quite as good as your previous recollection. That is an example of the ranges of feelings.

Now why is it important to know that there are ranges to feelings? Your vibrational level is important to your health. We are all energetic beings and vibrate at a certain level.  Vibrating at 100 is our natural state, however, due to several factors there is a contraction of the normal flowing energy of 100 so that most people are far below this level. To state this in another way, the level of 100 is your normal state of health and anything lower than your normal state is caused by resistance to the freely flowing higher vibrating energy of the universe.

When we are in sync with this higher vibrating energy then we vibrate at the same level and there is harmony.  When we are out of sync with this higher vibrating energy then there is disharmony.  Disharmony takes many forms, depending on whether it is affecting your mind, body or spirit. For instance, disharmony in the physical state results in physical discomfort.  This discomfort can range from just a slight prickling to full-blown pain.  This is in accordance to the vibrational scale.  When you are at a level of 25 then you are further away from your natural state then you are when you are at a level of 49.  The level of 49 would be analogous to a slight prickling pain and the full-blown pain would be analogous to a level of 25. These of course are just examples of a way of looking at the vibrational scale of health.  Again, the basic energetic philosophy is if you are feeling good, then you are more in sync (more open) to the natural higher vibrating energy of the universe.  The opposite is true if you feel bad.

The level at which you are at will change on a minute to minute basis, and in different areas of your life.  For instance, you can be at an average level of 60 when it comes to your physical health, however, you could be at a level of 35 when it comes to your emotional health.  Remember though, that all of your health is affected by how open you are to the normal higher vibrating energies of the universe.

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