Is there a right way to meditate?

Meditation TipIn my opinion, there is no right way to meditate because meditation is a personal inward journey. What I mean by this is that as you practice meditation, you begin to notice there are certain aspects that will make it easier for you to practice it. For instance, sitting erect with a relaxed spine, makes a sitting meditation easier to do. If you started practicing a sitting meditation with your spine tense, then it is more challenging to do. Having said this, you should "come as you are" for a meditation session. If your back is tense, or you tend to tighten your back in a sitting position, then through meditation and a process of self-discovery, you can learn to relax it. Meditation takes time to master so enjoy the journey. Sometimes going into meditation with too many thoughts as to I must do this or that, will prevent you from being able to relax and truly get your mind into a meditative state. Of course, if you do have a lot of thoughts, that is also part of the self-discovery phase as well.


I do think it is a good idea to continue to read about meditation as you practice it. That way, you can get continually reminded about certain techniques and tips that make it easier for you and when you are ready, you can incorporate that into your routine at the appropriate time. Again, using the previous example, if you had been practicing meditation for a month and noticed that you could not sit for a long period of time because your back was too tense, then you read an article on the importance of keeping a relaxed and erect spine, you would have learned a valuable lesson. You would then be able to incorporate this into your meditation practice at the right time for you.


The more you meditate and the more you direct your focus inward, the easier it will be for you to adjust yourself as to make the meditation easier for you. You should not judge yourself for your current state. Ultimately there will be things you can do to improve your practice.

Shawngela Pierce

Written by : Shawngela Pierce

Shawngela is a Law of Attraction and Meditation coach. Her focus is to help people attain true health and wellbeing by using her gift to channel information to guide others. Schedule a session with Shawngela and find out how the power to heal lies within you.

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