An MD's Perspective on the Nature and Cause of Chronic Symptoms

Today, I have the great pleasure of being the host on Day 1 of Clifton Meador’s Virtual Blog Tour.


Clifton’s book Fascinomas is celebrating its launch from February 17th to March 3rd, 2014.


Clifton MeadorClifton K. Meador, MD has a gift for filtering through tales and ‘can you beat this one’ stories that are passed around doctors’ lounges and operating rooms and coming up with succinct but extremely entertaining stories. A ‘fascinoma’, as Meador defines, is medical slang for an unusually interesting medical case. He has gleaned and collected and curated 35 such cases from his own experience and the experiences of colleagues who have given permission to re-tell their own blockbusters. Each case is reads like a short story – the presentation of a strange set of symptoms, the initial response of the examining doctor(s), gradual revelation of further symptoms (sometimes via revealed secrets from the presenting patient), and the final diagnosis. Today, I'd like to share with you a recent interview I had with Clifton when I got to ask him some questions on the nature and causes of chronic symptoms in the body. I hope you enjoy it!


What do you feel are the nature and causes of chronic symptoms in the body?


CLIFTON: There are 3 broad causes of chronic symptoms in the body:

  1. Structural abnormalities caused by medical diseases (i.e. coronary disease, cancer, kidney diseases, etc.)
  2. Contact with toxic substances by skin, inhaling, or ingesting.
  3. Symptoms produced by stressors coming from toxic relationships at home or work. William Mundy M.D. once said, “What the mind cannot solve is related to the body”,


Why is it important to learn to listen to your body? How does one go about doing it?


CLIFTON: Meditation of a variety of kinds of practices can calm the mind and body and reset tension in the body. With meditation, ask yourself these two questions:

  1. What in my life should I STOP doing?
  2. What in my life I am NOT doing that I should be?


If chronic symptoms are occurring, it’s also useful to keep a daily diary listing the symptoms, personal contacts, substances contacted and other observations in an attempt to correlate these symptoms with your surrounding world.


Can you describe the two broad stressors to the body?


CLIFTON: The two broad stressors to the body are:

  1. Toxic or stressful personal or professional relationships
  2. Unresolved early childhood toxic scripting (before the age of six) leading to suppression of anger or fear or any of the other natural emotions.


Fascinomas Book CoverFascinomas – fascinating medical mysteries is Clifton's 13th book on medical matters. The response to True Medical Detective Stories led him to collect and write the 35 cases in Fascinomas. In Fascinomas, all of the clinical facts are completely true – the story of the illness, all lab work, all imaging studies, and the physical exam findings. If you are intrigued by the curative power of listening and engaging the patient and the family in searching for clues, especially when the symptoms are chronic and recurring – pick up Fascinomas.


Clifton's mantra is: “There is not a medical diagnosis or a defined disease behind every chronic symptom; but there is a demonstrable cause if you listen and search carefully.”


I hope you enjoyed this brief interview with Clifton Meador and that you’ll check out his fascinating new book, Fascinomas. You can find the book on Amazon at:


Thanks for reading! Please share your comments and thoughts below. I love reading your feedback. AND… be sure to follow Clifton tomorrow when the next stop on his Virtual Blog Tour is Jean Adrienne’s ‘InnerSpeak Soul Adventures' blog at, where she will be interviewing Clifton on Fascinomas and shifting energy to promote healing.  


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