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Shawngela Pierce
Written by Shawngela Pierce. Posted in Healing on 31 August 2012.
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Thinking WomanYour body doesn't know the difference between what it sees and what it is experiencing. If you are lying in bed or just wake up in the morning thinking about a stressful situation, your body is undergoing physiological changes.  Your heart rate is increasing, your blood pressure is rising and other sympathetic events are occurring. The same physiological reaction occurs if you were actually in the situation. As you can clearly see, your thoughts are affecting your health.  Which means all of your thoughts from the moment you awaken to the moment that you fall asleep.


How do you know if your thoughts are affecting your health in a positive or non-positive fashion? You know by the way you feel.  When you feel good then it is a result of good-feeling thoughts.   The opposite is true for non-good feeling thoughts.


Do you find yourself worrying about the day when you first open your eyes and have you noticed a mind that continues to go from one thought to another throughout the day? Have you also noticed how these thoughts make you feel or are you so accustomed to it that you do not know the difference between stress and relaxation?  Well, if you find yourself feeling consistently bad or not in a good-mood then most of your thoughts are affecting you in a non-positive way. 


Parasympathetic System

When you feel good, you become more relaxed, your parasympathetic system starts to ramp up and your body starts to heal.  The parasympathetic system is what is nicknamed the "rest and digest" system.  It can loosely be considered the opposite of the sympathetic system.  Regardless of how you define it, there must be a balance between the two systems.  Unfortunately, it has been found that many people are operating on automatic sympathetic mode. An unbalanced sympathetic mode produces stress and continued stress facilitate dis-ease of the body. In order to improve your health, you must learn to relax the body.


Energetic Perspective

Now usually, I like to discuss health in terms of energy so energetically, when you are relaxed, all of your energy channels are open. Open energy channels allow an increased amount of higher vibrating energy to enter the body.  When higher vibration enters, the body heals.


As stated before, when you feel good, you are in a healthier state.  When you feel bad or in a non-good feeling state then you are in a non-healthy state.  Repeated or consistent vibration at the non-healthy state produces a non-healthy body and dis-ease occurs. In order to improve your health, you must learn to vibrate at a higher frequency. When you vibrate at a higher frequency, you feel better.  This is also known as Raising your Vibration.  Learn more about Raising your Vibration here.


Emotions or Thoughts

Many may wonder whether it was an emotion rather than a thought that triggered the feelings. Well it could be either because they are both interrelated.  It is pointless to try to pick it apart.  Just know that positive thoughts produce positive emotions and they cause you to feel good.  Positive emotions can cause a positive thought and cause you to feel good.  Feeling good can cause a positive thought or a positive emotion.  As you can see, there can be a feedback loop between them.  This is great when it causes you to feel good.  It is detrimental to your health, when it causes you to be in a non-good feeling state for an extended period of time. 


Meditation for Health

Learn how meditation, a complimentary and alternative therapy, can improve your health by teaching you to release your thoughts and raise your vibration. - Read More -












Shawngela Pierce

Author: Shawngela Pierce

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